Payment methods

We work with various forms of payment. Once you have finalized your purchase, you can choose which form suits you best. Further instructions will be passed after choosing the form of payment.

Deposit or bank transfer

transf.pngImportant: In the payments by deposit or bank transfer, after the deposit made, you must send the proof to the email or to send in attachment by the on the website, always indicating the order number, the process of separating your order will start as soon as the payment is confirmed.

IBAN - You must make the transfer within 24 hours for the NIB / IBAN indicated at the end of the order.

You can use any ATM or your bank's website.
Payment confirmed always after 24 hours.

Debit Card Payment

mb.jpgYou can make the payment of your purchase using your Visa debit card.
Please note that this is a cash payment method.
To make the transaction, you must select the "pay by card or paypal" payment method and you will be directed to the Paypal page, where you can choose "Create Paypal or Pay with your Card", then follow the instructions that will be indicated.
Upon completion of the payment, Amitronica will automatically receive the payment confirmation and your order will be prepared immediately.


Payement by Paypal


 If you have an account with paypal, you can use it to make purchases on if you do not have it, you can create one for free.
Just choose this payment method at the end of your order.
PayPal is the world leader in credit card payments, and secure transfer of funds over the Internet. It is used on sites like Ebay and thousands of others.
PayPal accepts all types of cards, such as Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.
Whichever card you use, your data is sent through a secure connection on the Paypal website.
Payment - After completing your order you will be directed to the PayPal secure payment page. You can then make the payment through your PayPal account or, if you do not have it, you can pay directly with a credit card.

With PayPal Secure Payment, the buyer has numerous advantages:

Secure Payment

    You have 14 days to block the payment if the product is not delivered, or is not in accordance with the agreement.

Protection of data
    Protect your financial data - Shop without entering your credit card number for the stores.


    Ease and speed in your purchases - With a PayPal account, you only buy with your email and password.

Free and no commitments
    It's free! - You do not have to pay any fees to register or to buy, you can use only when you want, safely and without compromise.