Amitrónica - Indústria Electrónica Amiense, Lda, was constituted in 1980.
Since the beginning of its activity the company is dedicated to the manufacturing and commerce of electronic products for the reception of radio frequency signals, through terrestrial antennas and latter through satellite antennas.

The company is certified accordingly to the ISO 9002 since 1993 and more recently (2004) as adopted the normative requirements of the standard ISO9001-2000. Early the company invested in new technologies.

In the production area with machinery for the automatic placement of SMD components and in the I&D with modernized test and control equipments and simulation software. This investment enabled us to launch in the market products of high quality level and also to increase our capacity to answer to the challenges of our major clients to develop new products specifically manufactured to serve determined market areas.

We offer the possibility of delivering directly to you: the know-how of a large experience linked to the latest technologies with permanent research, development and adaptability to each conjuncture demands.